Unsympathisch Merch

Life outside of YouTube

He is a good friend of inscope21.he has 3 siblings; 2 sisters and a brother. His eldest sister lives in switzerland and is therefore less well known than stefanie (steffi), who often supports sascha in his videos and is actively involved. However, little is known about his brother either. Hellinger has not disclosed much about his private life, so far all that is known is that he drives a blue ford mustang and is a smoker.

Unsympathisch Merch


He publishes comedy videos on his channel. For example, the fashion world is made fun of and other youtubers or typical everyday situations are parodied. There are also challenges to see. The target group is mainly young people, according to their own statements, most of them are between the ages of 16 and 22. sascha also has a secondary channel called sascha hellinger , on which he uploads vlogs and primarily gaming content.


Among other things, sponsorship and product placement on the channel are criticized. [1] Among other things, some viewers say that Sascha has a very unsympathetic or antipathetic character.

Unsympathisch Story

Hellinger slipped into the YouTube scene more by accident. Once appearing in a clip by Lazaridis (inscope21), he wowed viewers and went on to create his own YouTube channel. [1] The channel was created on September 11, 2014. In the same year he also began his studies in mechanical engineering. [4]The channel already had 100,000 subscribers in November 2014.

At the beginning of 2016 there were already over 500,000 subscribers. The channel finally surpassed one million subscribers in february 2017. Since hellinger’s main channel “Unsympathischtv” has already been given the second strike due to a small clip in a “Don’t laugh challenge”

there are various speculations as to whether the main activity will be shifted to one of his other channels. Because with another strike, the third, the channel would be deleted.From time to time he also streams on Twitch , excerpts from his stream are broadcast by OnPoint! uploaded to his Show More channel.See more

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